How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

Dentist Teeth Whitening

Many people have teeth which are stained by tea, coffee, wine and smoking. Paying for whiter teeth makes sense if you want a Hollywood smile. Below we explore your options at the dentist and at home. Note that bleaching procedures are illegal in beauty salons.

How does tooth whitening work?

Tooth bleaching works firstly by treating stains on the tooth’s outer layer and under the surface of the enamel, and secondly by stopping new stains from forming. Bleaching inside the tooth is possible to whiten a single discoloured tooth.

Teeth whitening can last from several months up to three years, depending on the individual. You may be unsuitable for whitening if you have crowns, veneers or gum disease.

Bleaching at the dentist

Your gums are protected by a gel or rubber shield before a whitening product is applied using a tray which fits like a mouthguard. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide acts as the lightening agent.

You may have to make several trips to the dentist and carry on the treatment at home. The procedure usually takes three to four weeks, or just one week if you are using some of the latest gels which are left on for longer.

Laser whitening

In laser or power whitening, your dentist paints a bleaching product onto your teeth (your gums are protected by a rubber dam) and shines a laser on them to cause bleaching. It takes approximately an hour. This treatment can make teeth paler by five or six shades.

LED whitening (Philips Zoom whitening)

This dental surgery-based treatment is similar to laser whitening but uses LED lights to activate the whitening agent. Home treatment follows to prolong the result.

Take-home bleaching kits

Your dentist can provide kits that supply whitening gel with tailor-made mouthguards. Some of these treatments can be left on overnight.

Whitening strips

Easy-to-use strips allow you to get dental surgery results at home. Efficient Crest 3D strips use enamel-safe hydrogen peroxide for a brighter smile. Full results are typically seen after 20 treatments.

Tooth whitening costs

Standard tooth bleaching costs £200 to £500, while you will pay between £500 and £1,500 for laser whitening. LED whitening costs from £200 to £700 and take-home bleaching kits are £150 to £700.

Given these staggering costs, you may want to explore our website for whitening products including value-for-money Crest 3D strips costing from £6.99 to £39.99. For your convenience, we stock Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips, Crest 3D White No Slip Professional Effects, Crest 3D Whitestrips Glamorous White, Crest 3D White Gentle Routine and Crest 3D White Strips Classic Vivid.

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