Are Teeth Whitening Strips Bad For You?

Gentle Routine White Strips – Ideal For Sensitive Teeth

Are you looking for that perfect smile? A smile that is professional-looking, high quality and achievable at an affordable price?

When we become self-conscious about not having a perfect smile anymore, we try to find a quick, low-cost solution: a whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes or natural remedies, but nothing seems to work. For this reason, whitening strips are becoming more and more popular, due to their amazing quick results and affordability.

What are the factors to consider if you are thinking of using whitening strips?

Effectiveness is definitely one of the most important considerations. There are many types of whitening strips on the market; the more advanced ones claim that you can expect results in very little time. This, of course, depends on the level of teeth discolouration and the initial state of the teeth. Also, the effect of the whitening will not last forever, and this is another important factor to take into account if you are thinking of going for this treatment.

In general, after a full treatment, results can last between six months and one year. This effect can be then prolonged by using a whitening toothpaste, and by avoiding foods that can stain your teeth.

What about safety?

Many people think that whitening strips are bad for you; we can reassure you that this is not the case. Good quality whitening strips contain safe ingredients, often the same ones that are used by dentists and this guarantees a risk-free treatment. In particular, the Hydrogen Peroxide concentration is low enough not to be dangerous. However, if you have sensitive teeth, we do recommend that you seek professional advice and choose a product that is suitable for you.

The Crest Teeth Whitening Strips

One of the best and safest products on the market is the Crest Teeth Whitening Strips range. Crest Teeth Whitening Strips can undo some of the yellowing and discolouring, regardless as to what caused it in the first place, and they are very affordable, safe and effective. Crest Teeth Whitening Strips contain highly effective ingredients; you can use them in the comfort of your own home and you will be able to see results in as little as 20 days, with only 30 minutes application per day. What are the ingredients in Crest Teeth Whitening Strips?

The strips are formulated with the same enamel-safe ingredients that are used by dentists and this ensures a risk-free treatment. The ingredients of the Crest strips are:

  • PVP
  • PEG-8
  • Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Acrylates Copolymer
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Sodium Saccharin

Since the Hydrogen Peroxide concentration is between 1% and 9.5%, which might not be suitable for sensitive teeth.

What will Crest Teeth Whitening Strips do for you?

They will boost your confidence and self-esteem; they will give you a younger appearance; they will give you a great smile before that holiday, job interview or event; they will help you to make a positive impression on others; and they will help reverse years and years of teeth staining and yellowing.

We hope you have found the above information on Crest Teeth Whitening Strips useful. If you want to try them, why not click on the link below…

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